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Seeks Management Proposals
Association Management Services

Introduction to the A B C Association

The A B C Association (ABC) is a professional organization of individuals who share an interest in research and dissemination of information on literacy. ABC sponsors a conference each year during the first week in December. The program consists of keynote addresses by distinguished speakers, symposia, paper sessions, research reviews of current trends and issues, and alternative format sessions. ABC also confers awards for research and service at its annual conference.

In addition to sponsoring the annual conference, ABC publishes the Journal of Literacy Research, a quarterly research journal, the ABC Yearbook, which contains referred papers from the previous year’s conference, and an ABC/IRA (International Reading Association) Literacy Studies Monograph Series. The board has recently commissioned a series of position papers on literacy education policy.

The A B C Association maintains a website ( and a listserv (ABC EMAIL) for its members. We develop and maintain special funds to support particular initiatives (e.g. increasing diversity, promoting research, supporting graduate students, and recognizing scholarly excellence).

History of ABC

The A B C Association was founded in 1950 as an organization of reading researchers and educators. In its 50 years, it has grown to a membership of approximately 1,000 people with an annual conference attendance of approximately 1,000. We experienced rapid growth in the early 1980’s and have stabilized since1996.

Mission Statement

Who We Are

  • We are a community that promotes and engages in literacy research and dialogue around literacy and related topics.

Our Purpose

  • We promote the development of research on literacy and literacy instruction.
  • We support the professional development of emerging and established scholars.
  • We advocate research-informed improvements in literacy education.

Our Values

  • We strive to remain affordable and financially responsible as an organization.
  • We view membership diversity as essential to our vitality.
  • We work together as “critical friends,” engaging in respectful discourse to encourage and improve our thinking and our work.
  • In all that we do, we value one another professionally and personally.

Request For Proposal

The Process

  1. ABC distributes the call for proposals. (June 5, 2001)
  2. Interested AMCs must respond by August 31, 2001.
  3. Include information about your company:
    1. How long in business
    2. Number of employees
    3. Other types of clients
    4. References
  4. Please address each area of the scope of services indicating your ability to provide support as part of the management contract. Also indicate services that you typically outsource.
  5. Seven (7) copies of the RFP must be prepared and sent to each person on the selection committee. (See Appendix 1 for contact and mailing information)
  6. The selection committee will review all proposals and will select the top 3-5 candidates. (completed by September 30, 2001)
  7. The committee will set up a meeting with the final candidates to meet with key staff and tour the AMC’s offices. (completed by November 15, 2001)
  8. A contract will be finalized with the selected AMC. (completed by November 20, 2001)
  9. The firm hired by ABC will be asked to attend the whole or part of the conference to observe the program and meet with the Board of Directors.(December 4-8, 2001, in San Antonio, TX.)
  10. The management company will begin January 1, 2002 assuming 2002 conference development responsibilities. A complete transition will take place by March 31, 2002.

Scope of Services

  • Association Management
    1. General Office: Provide a full time office for the receipt of mail, visitors, occasional business-related meetings, and telephone calls.
    2. Phone: Provide telephone coverage during regular business hours five days a week.
    3. Fax: Provide a fax line for the organization.
    4. Voice Mail: Provide separate lines for each person who works on ABC management.
    5. Email: Provide one general e-mail address for ABC business, plus individual addresses for each person responsible to ABC.
    6. Legal Support: Provide legal advice and have access to legal services as requested and necessary (fees paid by ABC).
  • Board Meetings
    1. Frequency: The full board of directors meets three times a year. Two meetings occur at our national conference in December. We meet on the Tuesday before the conference begins and then again on Saturday at the end of the conference. The third board meeting occurs during the International Reading Association Conference, typically the first Saturday in May or at a time agreed upon by the boardTwo or more additional working meetings of the Executive Committee or subcommittees may be held at conference headquarters. Management needs to arrange hotel rooms for board members.
    2. Location: Varies with the site: Southeast, South Central and Southwest US.
    3. Responsibilities: Participate in the meeting and provide advice and information. The secretary of ABC takes minutes. (Arrange for tape recording of minutes). Arrange for food and beverage.
  • Committees
    ABC maintains three types of committees: Administrative Committees, Standing Committees for Awards and Innovative Action Committees.